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[Zaunderground] Sona: A void getting charmed (League of Legends)

Looks like Sona was not very careful recently and somebody has worked out the way to lure her into a quite particular psychic subdimensions (or however the imaginable universes are being called in the present) where the whole swarm of purple and thick tentacles have already waited for her! Even though all will be happening in her head , the certain results will manifest in the real worldas well…

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[CreSpirit (Waero)] ININ Renmei (League of Legends) [English]

The upcoming tournament will be very special as there won’t be any rules! If you believe that it will only raise the violence, you’re mistaken because these muscled dudes and busty ladies from “League of Legends” will have a variety of more pleasant activities to engage in when they realize that all limitations are gone… and there’s no doubt that we’re talking about them fucking one another really hard!

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