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Konpeki to Shiroawa (League of Leends) [English]

Amazing females with huge tits can make you feel sexy? You will then be able to fully understand the emotions of the main character in this exciting, short story. There is no need to be a fortune-teller to tell them they’ll be fucking each other regardless of whether it happens in different ways… It’s a parody of the “League of Legends”.

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[Rampage] Pizza Delivery NTR Service (League of Legends)

The pizza delivery driver can even imagine that the pizza delivery guy will be an actual fucktoy for two extra sluttyand extra curvy ladies… andthe fact that these ladieas are actually two hotties from the popular videogame “League of Legends” will make this impossible! This is, of course, not possible in the real worldand not so for the world of hardcore hentai parody clearly.

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