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Lux gets Ganked!

This comic tells the tale of two girls that have sex in various different positions. And their favorite toys help in this. One of the toys is a vibrator and the second are vaginal balls. Although I’m not sure the reason for their existence however, I am sure you can use them for a variety of reasons. All these toys help girls enjoy sex. Enjoy

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Evelynn and Zyra | Drogod [English]

Two sexy girls, from the “League of Legends” are likely to cause our hero to feel either most sorrowful or the greatest joy. Luckily enough for him today Zyra and Evelynn are being in the kinky mood (well generally) and they’re going to fuck the guy real good! Or is it he who is going to actually fuck them? Take a look at these comics parodies to find out!

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[Strong Bana] Counter Ganking (League of Legends)

The sexy model was honored by her friend’s huge kiss. The two will soon share moments of fun. The girl is lying on her back and she spreads her legs. The man gets into her genitals with an intimidating smile before he begins to fuck. He keeps beating her, making her moan in excitement. He gets deeper into her every time. He kisses her as if it’s the only moment of his life. She also enjoys.

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The Bone Zone

Shemale is a big boob and a small dick who dances in front men. In order to attract the attention of his client, he will dance and shakeoff his cock. The client takes off his pants and takes out a huge daddy. The girl starts to kiss him. She then lies on an astride member and starts to leap. She can do it with great precision despite her tiny penis.

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[CreSpirit (Waero)] ININ Renmei (League of Legends) [English]

The upcoming tournament will be very special as there won’t be any rules! If you believe that it will only raise the violence, you’re mistaken because these muscled dudes and busty ladies from “League of Legends” will have a variety of more pleasant activities to engage in when they realize that all limitations are gone… and there’s no doubt that we’re talking about them fucking one another really hard!

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